Cube Credit Card Terminal

Replace your old terminal and start accepting credit cards the modern way.


Start processing credit cards today.

A simple application, hassle-free pricing, intuitive features, and automatic deposits make it easy for businesses of all sizes to start accepting credit cards using the Cube Credit Card Terminal.


A new type of credit card terminal.

Still processing credit card transactions with your old terminal? Don't want to invest in a new point of sale application? It's time to upgrade to Cube. Quickly accept credit cards the modern way.

The credit card terminal you wish you had.

Be frustration-free and stop dealing with complicated contracts and fees.

Secure credit card reader.

We have reliable, encrypted credit card readers available for purchase when you signup. With these readers, taking credit cards is fast, convenient, and extremely secure.

Easy setup and registration.

Tired of dealing with account representatives? With Cube, simply sign up and go through an automated four-step process to start accepting credit cards. It takes only two minutes!

Low, simple pricing.

At just 2.5% for swiped transactions, Cube takes the hassle out of accepting credit card payments. Just start swiping. There are no contracts to sign, no confusing paperwork, and no monthly fees.

Fast Deposits.

Funds from swiped credit card transactions are deposited directly into your account within 1-5 business days. Please note it takes 3-5 business days to receive funds from AMEX transactions.

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